Session 1: kids and storytelling

There you go: a few videos of the children from the class we visited in June telling their own stories! It was a plaesure to listen to them, and very interesting.

As we were not sure if we would be allowed to make these videos, we chose not to show their faces too much and focus on the drawings. Also, we’ll find a way to make this disturbing whistling noise disappear. Anyway, here are two stories (I’ll try to put some more up on our YouTube channel: I’m working on the subtitles).

For The Three Little Pigs story, click here; for their version of Alphonse Daudet’s Mr. Seguin’s Goat, there; and here is the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Session 1: Orpheus, the video

Here’s the video of me telling the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. We got the authorization to put up the videos of the children telling their own tales, they’ll be there soon!

So, if you want to see how I dived into the story (no, no, I was not nervous at all…), click here! I put subtitles for the intro, but not for the story (It’s so long): you can find the myth here. =)

Session 1: reactions

Still waiting to see if we can publish the videos we took in the classroom… But here are two interviews: if you click here, you will hear what Mrs Isabelle Clavaron, the children’s teacher, thought of the experience, and if you click there, you will discover Chloé’s opinion, a M.A. student in Education who was present during our presentation.

And as I am very nice (no, kidding), I put English subtitles for you! 😉

Traveling Sound Wave

Some happy songs about travel for a nice journey! Hope you enjoy this playlist. =)

The Beach Boys – Hawaii
The Beatles – Octopus’ Garden
Camille – Paris
The Clash – London Calling
Counting Crows – Omaha
Devotchka – We’re leaving
The Ditty Bops – Walk or Ride
Jack Johnson – To the Sea
The Proclaimers – I’m gonna be (500 miles)
Death Proof OST – The Last Race
Eels – Goddamn Right (It’s a beautiful day)

And, yes, everything comes from my music library; I am not ashamed!

It’s growing.

Our little egg on ulule is half full now. It feels good! But we still need your help, we have to fill the other half now in the next 26 days! We count on you. =)

To thank our first supporters, and to encourage you to give us YOUR support, here’s a little gift: My first stop motion video! I hope you’ll like it: Growing Tree