Ulule, done.

We are so happy to let you know that thanks to you and your support (yeah! We got more than 1200 euros on Ulule), we are about to buy all the electronic stuff we need for our project: soon we will be able to film everything, to create short videos of our meetings with the children of the world, to update this blog from everywhere … And I’m pretty sure we will also be able to buy part of the travel equipment needed for our little adventure! So I really really want to thank every single one of you who supported us last month!

First, thank you Mom, Dad, Bro’ (for letting me go and supporting this insane idea), Isa, Jean-Paul, Valérie, Martha and Lisa, Bernard, Evelyne, Jean-François and Régis, Marie-Pierre, Eva, Aldanjah and Marie-Pierre J. Thanks to all my friends, who have to cope with me while I organize this trip: Bénou, Cid, Julie, Noémie, Lucie, Ingrid, Caro, Robert, Alex et Coralie, Marie-Gaetane, Clémence, Mylène, Julie, Elena, Anne, Maguelone, Lisa, and Peggy. Finally, thanks again to Fab and Madmoizelle.com!

Also, we’d like to thank SOMFY for sponsoring us!

Oh, and a little sneak peak of the first rewards almost ready to be sent to our dear supporters, to prove that the balladeers keep their word (and to make the others jealous)! =)

Can you guess what myth it is? ;D

So many thanks!

OK, so, how can I say this without looking completely insane? I have to tell you that since yesterday, there’s only joy and thankfulness in my heart, I only see blue and pink poneys and rainbows and I just want to thank you all for your support! We made it to the 1000 euros on Ulule, 10 days early, thanks to you, my friends and family, to the magazine Madmoizelle.com, and to you, all the people I don’t know in person, but who chose to believe in our project! I am so happy, because it shows us that we are not alone in this huge enterprise.

Our project is still on Ulule for 8 more days, if you want to join in too! =)


The Balladeers’ Nonprofit Organization

So, today was the day we met to create our organization, “les Aèdes Voyageurs”. Its general aim is to study and promote the ancient cultures, just what we hope to do with our project. I think that the organization will help us to accomplish our year-long educational project. This big step makes us really happy and enthousiastic for the future! We can only regret that Andrew was not here with us, but still on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now that we mailed all the documents, we just have to wait for the authorization to come back, and we’ll be ready for new adventures! Oh, by the way, welcome – and many thanks – to Corinne and Lucie who will elp us with the administration of our association.

And here some pictures taken while we were signing the papers:
Janyce, our very happy president

Erika, our enthousiastic treasurer

Also, before I go back writing the myth of Ariadne while watching a Batman movie, I wanted to remind you that you can still give us your support on Ulule: we already have 18 supporters ready to make this work, who will receive our little gifts! Come and join them if you want to, or speak about it around you so that we can make it to the 1000 euros we need. We have 665 euros, and 14 days left!

The Balladeers on the web

Here’s some exciting news: after a few weeks of research and writing, we’re now on the verge of creating a nonprofit organization that will help us support and prepare our project even more efficiently. It’s a big step for us and we will let you know how it goes very soon! This is why we’ve been so active on the web lately, creating our Twitter account, and our own Facebook page. We’re also writing – in french – on the CIC Jeunes Expat’ wall every two weeks.

Meanwhile, we are preparing our trip, and writing and drawing some of the myths we will tell to the kids! =)

It’s growing.

Our little egg on ulule is half full now. It feels good! But we still need your help, we have to fill the other half now in the next 26 days! We count on you. =)

To thank our first supporters, and to encourage you to give us YOUR support, here’s a little gift: My first stop motion video! I hope you’ll like it: Growing Tree

Tweeting the Tale

Hey! Have you seen? You can now follow the Three Balladeers on Twitter! It will be an easy way to let you know quickly and briefly where we are and what we’re doing. Maybe we’ll try to tell stories in less than 140 characters!

From now on, you may find the latest news on the sidebar on the right of the page, and you can follow us by clicking on the “Follow” button or by looking for @ThreeBalladeers on Twitter.

We need you!

The last few weeks of 2011 have been pretty busy: we presented our project on Ulule.com, the website that wants to “make good things happen”! You can now find our project (in French only, sorry!) at this address: http://www.ulule.com/mythes/

It’s easy: you can make a donation – how much you can or want – to help us and our project, and you will get a gift from us! We will get your donations only if we manage to get over 1000 euros. We’ve already received 290 euros, and now, we need your help: you have 39 days to help us get to 1000 euros.

We count on your help and generosity! If you like our project and wish to help us, just click on the link, and give us whatever you want before February, 8th. And please, share the link and talk about it with your relatives and friends, they could be interested! =)

See you soon, after we have created our non profit organization for the ancient cultures and civilizations!

Best wishes for 2012: may your dreams come true!