Change of plans

Some news (finally, you could say…)! Erika’s had trouble finding a computer for long enough to write blog posts in the last months, so I’m taking over to let you know we are completely changing our travel plans for the rest of the trip.
We ended up not being keen on what we had first planned, tired of moving around so much… So we won’t see China, India nor Africa (yep, big changes).

In a nutshell, we just spent a month in Bali (I’m putting some pictures up so you can see how pretty it – mostly – is). And now, Erika is in Singapore, heading to Taiwan, Korea and Japan, before spending May in South-East Asia, and then going home.
I will be in Singapore and Malaysia until the end of February, before spending 2 months back in New-Zealand, and my last 3 months across South-East Asia. My flight back home is still booked for July 12th.

We will keep the project on, of course. I am waiting for a reply from the French Alliance in Singapore. And I will work on Maori and Samoan’s mythologies in NZ. And we’ll see what we can do in South-East Asia too.

So, Bali (and the Gili Islands) were a very relaxing and lazy stop … We didn’t do much, but we had a lot of fun, met great people, visited a few temples, saw some Hindu ceremonies, went to the beach (a lot), and had great food. Perfect holidays to get over the tiredness of moving constantly for 5 months. Ready for new adventures now!







Last but not least, Namibia.

There, our last country: Namibia, for a month, in June 2013.

Well, after seing a few pictures and some infos on the web, I really really wanted Namibia to be a stop in our journey. It’s just so beautiful. We will go to the capital, and then on the coast, to Swakopmund. After that, I put stars up North, but maybe we’ll go South, we’ll see!

We’re done with the maps, finally: it took us some time, but at least, now you know where we’re going for the next year! And i have to admit, it was an easy way to keep in touch on the blog, to show you we’re working hard on the project, even though right now, our studies are our top priority. At the end of the month, our exams will be done, our thesises will be handed over, and our M.A. will almost be over.

And now you know where and when we’re traveling, you can come and join us! ;D

Botswana, no words …

Aaah, Botswana: May 2013 ! One of my dreams will come true.

I want to go to Botswana, I want to go to Botswana, I want to go to Botswana, I want to go to Botswana, I want to go to Botswana, I want to go to Botswana, I want to go to Botswana. I think it’s pretty clear. Well, once we’ve seen the whole desert and every single natural reserves, we’ll try to find a way to get to the Victoria falls! =)

And then, South Africa!

Here we are, new country, new continent, the last we’ll set our foot on. We’ll be in South Africa for 3 weeks in April.

Well, let’s face it, we don’t really know if we will follow the red line exactly: April seems so far away, and so much will have happened before… And, yeah, the thesis to finish and our last exams to come are not helping either: we don’t have time to look into a travel guide right now. But, we know Die Antwoord (look them up if you dare!) are not the only wonder South Africa can offer! So, we are really excited to be there and discover this country far far away! After this, Botswana. =)

India: wonderland!

There, I said it: when I hear “India”, I feel like Alice when she sees the white rabbit running. We’ll be there for a month, starting mid-March 2013.

So, we mostly want to discover the South of the country, but we don’t really know how far we will go: It’s so vast! BUT, I refuse to go to India without seeing the Taj Mahal: This is kind of a little problem, it’s the lonely star, up North, near Agra… Well, we’ll see how we get there when we will be there! Oh, yeah, a little thing that will make some of you laugh: we want to travel by bike there (okay, we will ride a bike across other countries too, but I had to tell you, when you know how good I am on these things… Yes, one day, I’ll tell you the story of my trip to Scotland with my friends: it was epic!).

And then, a new continent!

China, well… 中国 ?

And we will be in China for a month starting mid-February. We know what we want to see (the little red stars there on the map), we know a lot more is going to happen, but we haven’t got a clue about how we will go to these places, in what order we will see these amazing things, who we will meet, what LANGUAGE we are going to speak (that’s okay, I’m pretty good at Pictionary…). It’s going to be a real adventure there!

So, some of the wonders we’ll see: Beijing, the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor, the Great Wall, the South, Guilin, ricefields, amazing landscapes. And then – we don’t know how yet – we’ll be in India!

Cambodia, temples and jungle.

We’re back to tell you where we are going. We’re now in 2013, and in Asia! After a few nice days in Bali, we’ll visit Cambodia, for 2 weeks, starting mid-January.

And as the title said: temples, jungle, and temples in the jungle. And some beaches too, and a few fishermen’s small villages. =)

So vast, Australia.

Ah, Australia: landing in Melbourne at the beginning of December, taking off from Darwin at the beginning of January. Our goal: To go across this immense island from South to North, so that we won’t miss our flight to Bali!

Melbourne, Sydney, Ayers Rock, Desert, Kangaroos, Christmas and New Year’s Eve under the sun, maybe on a beach, road trips, loads of adventures! And then, a few quiet days in Bali. =)

New Zealand: on the other side of the globe!

We land in Auckland at the beginning of November, we take off in Christchurch at the end of the month.

Our goal: to see everything there is to see in these amazing islands so far away! Well, we’ll have to make some choices … But we’ll see where we go, and we hope to see a lot! We can’t wait. =)
Then, let’s get lost in Australia!