Last but not least, Namibia.

There, our last country: Namibia, for a month, in June 2013.

Well, after seing a few pictures and some infos on the web, I really really wanted Namibia to be a stop in our journey. It’s just so beautiful. We will go to the capital, and then on the coast, to Swakopmund. After that, I put stars up North, but maybe we’ll go South, we’ll see!

We’re done with the maps, finally: it took us some time, but at least, now you know where we’re going for the next year! And i have to admit, it was an easy way to keep in touch on the blog, to show you we’re working hard on the project, even though right now, our studies are our top priority. At the end of the month, our exams will be done, our thesises will be handed over, and our M.A. will almost be over.

And now you know where and when we’re traveling, you can come and join us! ;D