Studying Linguistics: a call for silence.

First of all, please excuse this confused, lenghty post: I had what I thought to be a great idea, and then it got all blurry… It’s late and I’m tired, but anyway, here are a few thoughts on language and writing.

I don’t know if this is because this year comes to an end, because I just handed over my Master’s thesis, or just because I am really tired, but I really feel like making a vow of silence. Well, maybe not… Let’s say not having to talk for a while – or think, if that’s possible! Anyway, now is not the time, as I still have to help all my students finish their school year successfully, to take my last exam and present my year-long work, and to keep on working on the project. And finally, let’s enunciate the biggest paradox here: I am actually writing about not talking… Still a long way before this happens!

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Lucretius, On the Nature of Things, and Archaism

Little break from our travel plans, before we discover the vast lands of Asia and Africa. I have to tell you, I didn’t have time to prepare the maps yet!

Meanwhile, I’d like to remind you that the NPO we created last January aims not only to make this project work, but also to promote the study of Ancient civilizations and the research in the “Classics” field. The three of us are nearly done either with our Master’s degrees or B.A in Classics, but this does not mean the end of our passion for it!

Thus I wanted you to know that once in a while, we will try to put up here some things we’ve thought about, some findings we’ve made, what research we’re into… For the French speakers here (again, I’m sorry for not having an English version), I am willing to share my 1st year M.A. thesis with anyone interested in it: I studied the use of archaisms in the third book of LucretiusDe Rerum Natura (I’m into Linguistics!). The table of contents is here, and if you want the whole thing, just send us an email: thethreeballadeers[@]
I’ll be glad to send it to you (as a PDF)!

And in a few days, be prepared to see where we’ll go in Cambodia!