India: wonderland!

There, I said it: when I hear “India”, I feel like Alice when she sees the white rabbit running. We’ll be there for a month, starting mid-March 2013.

So, we mostly want to discover the South of the country, but we don’t really know how far we will go: It’s so vast! BUT, I refuse to go to India without seeing the Taj Mahal: This is kind of a little problem, it’s the lonely star, up North, near Agra… Well, we’ll see how we get there when we will be there! Oh, yeah, a little thing that will make some of you laugh: we want to travel by bike there (okay, we will ride a bike across other countries too, but I had to tell you, when you know how good I am on these things… Yes, one day, I’ll tell you the story of my trip to Scotland with my friends: it was epic!).

And then, a new continent!