Session 1: kids and storytelling

There you go: a few videos of the children from the class we visited in June telling their own stories! It was a plaesure to listen to them, and very interesting.

As we were not sure if we would be allowed to make these videos, we chose not to show their faces too much and focus on the drawings. Also, we’ll find a way to make this disturbing whistling noise disappear. Anyway, here are two stories (I’ll try to put some more up on our YouTube channel: I’m working on the subtitles).

For The Three Little Pigs story, click here; for their version of Alphonse Daudet’s Mr. Seguin’s Goat, there; and here is the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Session 1: reactions

Still waiting to see if we can publish the videos we took in the classroom… But here are two interviews: if you click here, you will hear what Mrs Isabelle Clavaron, the children’s teacher, thought of the experience, and if you click there, you will discover Chloé’s opinion, a M.A. student in Education who was present during our presentation.

And as I am very nice (no, kidding), I put English subtitles for you! 😉

Session 1: conclusions

During this intervention, questions were raised in my mind, so here are some thoughts on this experience.

First, before the session, I began doubting the choice of the myth we decided to tell. It’s a beautiful story, it’s true, but so sad. And more and more, I was thinking this was not a story to be told to ten-year-olds. I felt like the moral behind it was not so clear… But then, I thought about it and I realized that we had chosen this story for good reasons, and that yes, children would understand and appreciate it. I ended up telling the moral explicitly: it didn’t feel very warm to end the story with “and then she died, again”!

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Session 1: the children’s drawings

And here are all the drawings made by the 5th-graders. It’s amazing how much thoughts they put in these! The cihldren were very inspired, when you consider they only had 40 minutes to draw.


The Little Red Riding Hood, by Océane and Lucie:

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Session 1 : Orpheus and Eurydice

There you go, the beautiful myth we told to the children ! This is an English version of it, written for you by Andrew, and illustrated by Erika and Janyce. We will soon put up the video (in French …), if we get the authorization. I hope you’ll like the story!


Orpheus was the finest musician in the world. Whenever he began to sing and play his lyre (a stringed instrument like a harp), everyone who heard him would be so enchanted by the beautiful music, they would have to stop what they were doing to listen. And it was not only people who were charmed by the music of Orpheus: when he played and sang, all of nature paid attention, and the gods themselves became his audience.

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Session 1: introduction

When: June 5th, 2012
Where: Primary school Jean Monnet, Saint Romain le Puy, France
Grade: 5th
Number of students: 21
Lenght: 1h45
Myth we told: Orpheus and Eurydice
Number of stories we heard: 13

There we are: our first session with a whole class is done, and let’s say it, well done. I have to admit that before our meeting, I was stressed out. First, because it was the first time we would end up exchanging stories in a classroom, full of students: we were pretty sure that kids would like the experience, but we still had some doubts about a few things. is it the right story to tell? Will I be able to tell it right? Will the children be willing and happy to participate? Will we have time to do everything in time? So many questions we couldn’t answer before we were in the classroom. And second, because this was happening where I grew up, in my own primary school, in the class taught by my own 4th grade teacher. Pressure on! So, yeah, I was not showing off much before the lesson … But at the same time, we were really eager to meet with the class, to discover their reactions, to share with them our passion for storytelling and drawing. And thus we went to the school, Erika behind the camera, and Janyce in front of it (pressure, I tell you!).

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Good News!

We finally got the results back for the contest organized by the CIC bank on facebook: We are so happy to tell you we won the second prize! The judges decided to offer us the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We will collect our prize soon, and we can’t wait to meet the 3 other winners.

This first positive return is really thrilling: this enhances our belief in the educational and cultural interest of our project and proves to us that people see it too and are ready to help us to make it happen. It’s with our enthusiasm renewed that we keep on looking for sponsors!

Talk to you soon, with more encouraging news!