What about food? #1: Argentina

Hey hey hey, I can’t travel around the world and not speak about food, come on! Now that I’m all grown up and enjoy pretty much anything that can be eaten, I have to share with you the specialties of the countries we visit. So, first of all, what do we eat in Argentina?

Well, mostly meat. Vegetarians, pass your way! You can find every type of meat here, beef, pork, chicken … Cooked on the parrilla (barbecue), mostly. The parrilla is an institution here: every house has one, and on our bus trip in Buenos Aires, between our house in Liniers and the center, Erika counted at least 106 parrilla restaurants! And well, it’s pretty good, with a side of fries or salad.
Also, we cannot not mention the famous empanadas: we ate so many of these (filled with meat, or chicken, or tomatoes, or cheese, or eggplants, or …)! It’s so good, and very easy to eat as snacks whenever you’re hungry.
Also, you can really see the influence of the Italians in the food: all sorts of pastas, pizzas, Milanesas … We are not too lost facing our plates in here.

But let’s be honest, after a week of meat, I was craving for some vegetables, and so did Erika. That’s when we decided it would be easier to cook our own dinner! So, nothing interesting in our own dishes, very European.

On the sweet side, we can find a bunch of pastries (called facturas), filled with quince jam for example. As for the bread, they’re not extraordinary (hear the French chick complaining she can’t have croissants and baguette for breakfast…). But this doesn’t stop us from eating a bunch every morning! And of course, Dulce de Leche! Yummy, on toasted bread (thank god we walk a loooooot!). And we apparently cannot do without various sorts of alfajores, these chocolate-caramel-dulce de leche-whatever filled biscuits!

And finally, last but not least: what do we drink? Mate! The coffee is generally bad (to really bad), thus we switched to the local drink: this bitter tea they all drink here all the time. It’s so funny to see the people in the streets with their special mug and straw and a thermos of hot water. I don’t how they can sleep at night, it’s so strong! But the ritual around it, when they share it with you is really nice: most of all, you drink quickly when the mug is handed to you, and you do NOT touch the straw and stir.
And well, the beer is good and refreshing (the Quilmes might a bit too white though).

We still have a few things to try: I want to check the Pastel de choclo, some other dishes, Argentinian wine … We’ll see what we get the next two weeks! 🙂