All Night Long in Cordoba

If Paraná was dedicated to work and daily human experience, well, Córdoba would be the city of intense nightlife. We’ve been hosted by Fernando, a nice and polite young man that just finished his studies in Veterinary Sciences, and his great family. They lived near the Sierra, a bit outside the city, and had four dogs, an official cat and a little lamb name Quililo (c’est trop mignon).

We arrived in Córdoba in the evening, at eight o’clock, had a dinner based on very good empanadas (actually, the best we had eaten till now), and went to discover the real spirit of this city, incarned by La Mona Jimenez. We thus learned to dance el cuarto and la cumba, and got home at eight o’clock in the morning. We also discovered the main cocktail of Córdoba : Fernet Coca, a mix of Fernet Branca and Coca-Cola (not so bad after the third glass). The next days were spent going around with his friends and especially going out till morning (and there, some things may stay untold). Very amusing, yet proving. We must have slept but eight hours in all these three days. On Sunday, we all went in the Sierra to prepare an asado, the argentinian barbecue (the meat is very good and omnipresent), and to visit the holiday city of Villa Carlos Paz.

However, during our staying, we could also chat with Fernando’s parents, and learn a bit more about the academic life back in the Seventies and the terrible reality of military dictature that provoked the disappearing of many intellectuals or young students opposed to it : los desaparecidos.

Living in an argentinian family enabled us to know a side of Argentina that may be hidden to tourists (even if it was very difficult to cope at first with the strange accent of Córdoba, quite nasal and very long on the vocals, but chanting and funny). And, oh, they were all very kind and generous, and the boys very couteous : they stepped back to let us pass first, they brought our heavy bags, and Fernando prepared us our toasts, while German made the panchos (hotdogs). 

Food Bonus : Battered Coffee with a spoon of dulce de leche is just perfect, as well as criollos with dulce de leche, sipping apple-flavoured red tea.

Non, rien de rien, non, je ne regrette rien.