• The organization:

The “Association Internationale des Aèdes voyageurs”, the Three Balladeers’ International NPO (Association Loi 1901, under French regulations), was created on January, 25th 2012! With it, we aim to study and promote the ancient cultures and civilizations, through every single media: the Internet, books, storytelling…

This organization is not only addressed to people who are passionate about Classics, or to the ones who dedicate their lives to the study of Antiquity and its literature, but also to anyone who loves literature in general, mythologies, and the very diverse cultures of our world. 

Read the articles of association of our NPO (French only)

Read the report of our first assembly: page 1; page 2 (French only)

If you find our work interesting, if you want to get involved, or if you just need more info, please contact us at: thethreeballadeers@gmail.com We will gladly respond to you!

  • Members of the Board:

Janyce Desiderio

President and Co-founder

From childhood I was always “supposed to be” a physicist, but am in fact someone who grew up in France reading ancient myths, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Perrault’s and Andersen’s fairy tales, and who, in high school in London, UK, ended up choosing literature over science. I went on to graduate with a B.A. in Classics from the Sorbonne, and am now working there towards a Master’s Degree in Latin and Ancient Greek Linguistics.

Last summer, when I was asked by my mother if there was something I regretted not having yet done in my life, what came instantly to my mind was traveling the world. From that vague intuition, the more focused idea of meeting with children worldwide to talk both about ancient mythology and about their own bedtime stories rapidly made its way into a concrete project, based on three major points:

– the passion for travel, discovery of new cultures and meeting people;

– the desire to teach and be taught;

– the wish to show how important a part of our own culture and identity are the Humanities, and especially the study of ancient civilizations. I hope to share my passion for Roman and Greek history, culture and language, and that our project will inspire others to discover these wonderful civilizations.

A year later I am now delighted to have finally found admirable people who also believe in this project, ready to accompany me on such an ambitious journey. I hope others will be as enthusiastic as we are, and will help us, in some way or another, to realize it.

Corinne Desiderio


Erika Blasi

Treasurer and Co-founder

Coming from Rome and currently living in Paris, with family dispersed among Australia, Argentina and India, I had the chance to grow up in a multicultural atmosphere, surrounded by books and memories of travel. My grandfather was a born storyteller who used to enchant us with his stories of Ancient Rome or the great heroes that roamed in the sun-washed lands of the Greeks, and with many a fairy tale as well. Years later, I chose to study Natural Sciences in high school in Rome and then in Paris, pursuing Biology and Biochemistry at Pierre and Marie Curie University, aiming to become useful as a botanist. Yet I never forgot the strong impressions those myths left in my imagination, brightening my childhood. So I decided to return to my first love, the Classics, and I’m now working towards a Master’s Degree in Latin and Ancient Greek Literature at the Sorbonne.

Since man began to travel, he exchanged stories and experiences with those he met, and thereby enriched his own culture, his own roots. I believe that good habits should be kept. (As John Lennon said, “I’m a dreamer, but I’ m not the only one”).

Lucie Nebas


Andrew Coletti

Surrogate Secretary and Co-founder

I grew up in the Northeastern USA, an avid writer and reader — of ancient history but most especially of mythology, fantasy, and science fiction. For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the idea of stories and their place in human culture, in particular those stories which fall outside the range of average experience but are no less (and indeed sometimes more) vivid or “real” because of it. I started out as a Creative Writing major at Bard College because of my love of stories, but it quickly became apparent that my “background” interest—the ancient world—would be better pushed into the foreground. I became a Classics major to help connect myself to the roots of my interest in storytelling, because I realized that it was their ancient roots that made stories so exciting to me, and not the other way around. One of the most powerful abilities we have as human beings, over and above the ability to recount actual experienced events, is to invent events with our words, and to make them feel “real” even if they defy the rules of the world as we understand it.

The fact that stories and names from immemorial antiquity, like those of Greece and Rome, remain familiar and ubiquitous in Western civilization today is evidence of the lasting power these stories have, and the lessons they still have to teach us.


4 thoughts on “Our NPO

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  2. What a very interesting project. I look forward to hearing how children in different parts of the world react to your stories. Thanks for visiting my blog

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