On board with us

This blog is written by Janyce and Erika, who will live this adventure very soon!

  • Our project

This project is conceived as an exchange of myths in primary and middle schools, based on the participation of children, aged approximatively seven to twelve. At each school we will give as lively as possible a lecture on Greek and Latin mythology, enriched with illustrations on chosen episodes chosen for their suitability to each particular audience: we will choose stories that can be told to children of that age, or try to make them suitable for children, by putting aside inappropriate (violent or sexual) parts. After we use our words and artwork to tell the stories we will invite the children to express their own understanding of stories they know, first by making drawings, then through narrating their own myths. The children could draw the episode or the character that impressed them most, thus giving the myths a new life with their imagination. The exploration of the mythological background proper to each civilization is seen as both a fruitful interaction between images and words and an experience shared by different cultures.

Contact : thethreeballadeers@gmail.com

  • Our journey

  • So many thanks to:

Mom, Dad, Matt, Isa, Jean-Paul, Valérie, Martha, Lisa, Bernard, Evelyne, Jean-François, Régis, Marie-Pierre, Eva, Aldanjah, Marie-Pierre J., Bénou, Cid, Julie, Noémie, Lucie, Ingrid, Caroline Barthel, Robert, Alexis Corbin, Coralie Dorey, Marie-Gaetane Anton, Clémence Lapille, Mylène Cassen, Julie Cléton, Elena, Anne Quelin, Maguelone Sauzet, Lisa, Peggy Durand.

CIC (2nd prize in the “Jeunes Expat'” contest), Madmoizelle.com, SOMFY, Saint Romain le Puy.

4 thoughts on “On board with us

  1. This idea seems interesting. I wish i could do something like that. Learning about mythologies of different cultures always interested me. Anyways good luck for your trip. and keep posting updates.

    • Thank you for your message! We will keep this blog alive during the whole trip (well, whenever we can), to let everyone know where we are, what we see, what we learn about mythologies, and everything else.
      It’s good to know our project can interest people like you!

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