A treasure everywhere (Singapore)


I’m back! Well, not yet, but at least on this blog (and I will post very soon about New Zealand, Australia and Indonesia)!

Days fly away as landscapes change, and it has been a month now since Janyce and I took different paths (so you will have more stories to read!).

I really loved the multicultural Singapore and its polymorphous – not to say wonderfully kitsch, artsy and busy nightlife, strolling around the colourful markets of Chinatown, all glittering with red and gold for the Lunar New Year (yet full of ghosts… do you know the story of the Street of the Dead or the legend of the Moon Goddess? No? then listen carefully to your old Obaba…), eating in spicy Little India, surrounded by nice colonial houses and arcades sheltering bazars and streethawkers, peeping into some brightly decorated Hindu or Taoist temple (take your shoes off and play at the lottery the numbers given by the mighty General Fa!), going to see Madama Butterfly at the Durians or a really inspiring exposition at the Singapore Museum of Art (it’s free every Friday after 6 p.m), walking by the river, admiring the buzzing citylights or listening to some good open-air concert, amazing jazz jam sessions (don’t hesitate to go to the Hole in Orchard, or Tino Live Music in Chinatown!) or even dancing all night long the chachacha, salsa and waltzer… And remember, no eating nor drinking  in the subway (there are lots of nicer places for that)!

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Living Words, by Xu Bing, in SAM

Living Words, by Xu Bing, in SAM


Bubble Milk Tea, steamed pork bobun, baked sweet mangokhans, and Indonesian pastries at the Old Cafe, in Chinatown… yum!

Goodbye, Singapore, city of thousands contrasts, so fake and so true at the same time! Your acquaintance was very brief, but intense. I’m already reaching to the beautiful Island of Taiwan, to welcome the Year of the Snake with a dear Taiwanese friend and my wonderful sister !



P.S. : If you are interested in knowing a bit of the Malaysian Emergency and Dutch and English Colonization Period or the Japanese War, including the history of the Merdeka of South-East Asia, you can read the poetic, even if slightly too much didactic sometimes, novel written by Tan Twan Eng, The Garden of Evening Mists.


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