Change of plans

Some news (finally, you could say…)! Erika’s had trouble finding a computer for long enough to write blog posts in the last months, so I’m taking over to let you know we are completely changing our travel plans for the rest of the trip.
We ended up not being keen on what we had first planned, tired of moving around so much… So we won’t see China, India nor Africa (yep, big changes).

In a nutshell, we just spent a month in Bali (I’m putting some pictures up so you can see how pretty it – mostly – is). And now, Erika is in Singapore, heading to Taiwan, Korea and Japan, before spending May in South-East Asia, and then going home.
I will be in Singapore and Malaysia until the end of February, before spending 2 months back in New-Zealand, and my last 3 months across South-East Asia. My flight back home is still booked for July 12th.

We will keep the project on, of course. I am waiting for a reply from the French Alliance in Singapore. And I will work on Maori and Samoan’s mythologies in NZ. And we’ll see what we can do in South-East Asia too.

So, Bali (and the Gili Islands) were a very relaxing and lazy stop … We didn’t do much, but we had a lot of fun, met great people, visited a few temples, saw some Hindu ceremonies, went to the beach (a lot), and had great food. Perfect holidays to get over the tiredness of moving constantly for 5 months. Ready for new adventures now!








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