Session 1: the children’s drawings

And here are all the drawings made by the 5th-graders. It’s amazing how much thoughts they put in these! The cihldren were very inspired, when you consider they only had 40 minutes to draw.


The Little Red Riding Hood, by Océane and Lucie:

Mr Seguin’s Goat, by Pierre and Axel:

Snow White, by Faustine: The Mysterious Island, by Marie: Cinderella, by Katy:

Percy Jackson, by Julien (apparently not inspired by fairytales!):

Bluebeard, by Théo and Alexandre: The Whispering Forest, story invented by Tim and Tom: The Three Little Pigs, by Tony and Mathéo: Little Thumbling, by Clothilde and Mélanie: Riri’s Birthday, by Fabien who loves Mickey Mouse: Alice in Wonderland, by Justine and Lise: The Little Red Riding Hood, by Manon and Kelly:

We thank them all for their artwork!


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