Let’s fly!

Today, we bought our plane tickets. I am so glad this is done, you have no idea!

But sadly, for budget reasons, we had to do some changes in our itinerary:
– The adventure starts on August 16th 2012 and ends in July 2013.
– We had to take a few countries out. Mostly, we won’t go to the US and Mexico anymore. I am really sad I won’t get to see my friends from the other side of the Atlantic this summer… This bums me out but we had no choice if we wanted to stay on budget. I’ll come back very soon, I miss you guys way too much!
– We will have to make a stop in Bali (life is hard…) after we traveled across Australia.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s our new (and last) travel plan:

I simplified the end of the trip: we won’t come back to France directly from Africa. We’ll have to make a very illogical, but necessary, stop in Thailand first. Well, we’ll have fun there too before coming back home!


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