What about teleportation?

For some reason – and it’s been the case for a while now – I can’t spend more than 6 months with no trip planned ahead. I guess this urge to travel, to go away, to run head first in the unknown comes from my family: half of my family is Italian, my mom grew up in Africa, my aunt lives in a city stuck between a desert and a sea, my brother lived in the USA while I was in London … And ever since I was a kid, the four of us would always travel somewhere new and exciting for the holidays, Norway and its never ending (and way too cold – I was crazy at 8) fjords, gorgeous Italy, Greece and its ancient wonders, or mind-blowing Egypt! I am blessed I got to see all these amazing countries and discover these wonderful cultures thanks to my parents. And very quickly I started traveling alone, with my brother, with my friends. And the list’s been growing longer and longer: Dubai, Scotland, Shanghai, USA, … So much more, and yet, still not enough. I don’t really know why, but I want to see it all. Pictures are not enough, I want to be there, watch it with my own eyes, scrutinize what’s around the Taj Mahal, the Machu Picchu, or the Sydney Opera House. I want to meet people from the other side of the world – to see if it makes any difference to walk with my head down. I want to live multiple lives.

I am not running away from anything or anyone. At least, I don’t feel like I do. I love my family, my friends – even though I haven’t seen some of them for a while – and I will miss them so much during this adventure. Sometimes, even, I’m sure we will feel like we’ve been insane to have ever left them. I hope we won’t feel that way too much though! I enjoy my life here, and I love what I’m studying too: examining languages and discovering the oldest literary texts are in themselves a great adventure (this was my Indiana Jones moment). But this didn’t seem enough. That’s why next week, we are buying our plane tickets! There might be some slight changes in our journey, we will let you know more once this is done.

The funny thing is that although I love traveling, I simply can’t stand the idea of having to take any kind of transportation. Mostly trains and planes. I am not afraid of an accident or a crash, no. About that, I’m more like, Well, if it has to happen (not saying I don’t care, but what can you do in that kind of situation? It’s enough to freak out when it’s happening)… What’s really panicking me is the idea of missing my flight or my train for any stupid reason (subway incident, passport forgotten, any kind of trouble at customs… anything, really). I always get to the airport or the station way too early, just in case – but I don’t mind, I enjoy sitting down and just watching people (I know you do the same!). At the airport, I check my gate on every single screen, every 5 minutes. When I get in my train, I check 72 times I got into the right one (I ask to someone, I look at my neighbor’s ticket, I ask again …). I think I will have to work on that, because I know our trip is going to be full of surprises!

So, yeah, all this just to say I’m a little bit freaked out by the fact that we don’t have our plane tickets yet. And that explains (for most part) why I’ve been kind of absent-minded lately, and stressed out, and not really present with you, my friends! But hey, this step is nearly over: Thursday, I will be free to worry about something else!

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