Ulule, done.

We are so happy to let you know that thanks to you and your support (yeah! We got more than 1200 euros on Ulule), we are about to buy all the electronic stuff we need for our project: soon we will be able to film everything, to create short videos of our meetings with the children of the world, to update this blog from everywhere … And I’m pretty sure we will also be able to buy part of the travel equipment needed for our little adventure! So I really really want to thank every single one of you who supported us last month!

First, thank you Mom, Dad, Bro’ (for letting me go and supporting this insane idea), Isa, Jean-Paul, Valérie, Martha and Lisa, Bernard, Evelyne, Jean-François and Régis, Marie-Pierre, Eva, Aldanjah and Marie-Pierre J. Thanks to all my friends, who have to cope with me while I organize this trip: Bénou, Cid, Julie, Noémie, Lucie, Ingrid, Caro, Robert, Alex et Coralie, Marie-Gaetane, Clémence, Mylène, Julie, Elena, Anne, Maguelone, Lisa, and Peggy. Finally, thanks again to Fab and Madmoizelle.com!

Also, we’d like to thank SOMFY for sponsoring us!

Oh, and a little sneak peak of the first rewards almost ready to be sent to our dear supporters, to prove that the balladeers keep their word (and to make the others jealous)! =)

Can you guess what myth it is? ;D


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