The Balladeers’ Nonprofit Organization

So, today was the day we met to create our organization, “les Aèdes Voyageurs”. Its general aim is to study and promote the ancient cultures, just what we hope to do with our project. I think that the organization will help us to accomplish our year-long educational project. This big step makes us really happy and enthousiastic for the future! We can only regret that Andrew was not here with us, but still on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Now that we mailed all the documents, we just have to wait for the authorization to come back, and we’ll be ready for new adventures! Oh, by the way, welcome – and many thanks – to Corinne and Lucie who will elp us with the administration of our association.

And here some pictures taken while we were signing the papers:
Janyce, our very happy president

Erika, our enthousiastic treasurer

Also, before I go back writing the myth of Ariadne while watching a Batman movie, I wanted to remind you that you can still give us your support on Ulule: we already have 18 supporters ready to make this work, who will receive our little gifts! Come and join them if you want to, or speak about it around you so that we can make it to the 1000 euros we need. We have 665 euros, and 14 days left!


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