We need you!

The last few weeks of 2011 have been pretty busy: we presented our project on Ulule.com, the website that wants to “make good things happen”! You can now find our project (in French only, sorry!) at this address: http://www.ulule.com/mythes/

It’s easy: you can make a donation – how much you can or want – to help us and our project, and you will get a gift from us! We will get your donations only if we manage to get over 1000 euros. We’ve already received 290 euros, and now, we need your help: you have 39 days to help us get to 1000 euros.

We count on your help and generosity! If you like our project and wish to help us, just click on the link, and give us whatever you want before February, 8th. And please, share the link and talk about it with your relatives and friends, they could be interested! =)

See you soon, after we have created our non profit organization for the ancient cultures and civilizations!

Best wishes for 2012: may your dreams come true!


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