Looking for partnerships

Alongside the beginning of a new school year, at the Sorbonne University for Erika and Janyce and at Bard College for Andrew, came the never ending research for sponsors and partners interested in our project.

Days go fast as we run all over Paris and surf all over the Internet on the lookout for people, organizations, brands who could help us make this project work! At the beginning of October, we put up a proposal for a subvention from the Students Solidarity Funds at the Sorbonne; and we are on the verge of maybe making it to the top-ten in a contest organized by the CIC bank on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeunes.expat?sk=app_225915147448259 (“voir les projets” > look for Janyce Desiderio > like it !). We could win a thousand euros for plane tickets, or a computer!

Also, Erika and Janyce were thinking about maybe contacting a school in Paris to do another try out of the project, to show the way we intend to actually accomplish this project, and thus prove to people who would consider helping us that it can really be done, and has the impact we think it could have. We can’t wait to share stories, drawings and our time with these children!

What’s next? Good news we hope!

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